Grande école publique d'Ingénieurs en Informatique


The Clermont region has a population of about 270,000 inhabitants. It is a medium-sized urban area, including the student population (35 000 students) which represents almost 15%.
The youth of the population is reflected in the relative importance of the research carried out in the region: CNRS units, INSERM units, IRSTEA, INRA, centers of excellence in Particle Physics, Electronics, Computer Science and Robotics, Simulation and Numerical Modeling , Polymer Chemistry, Nutrition and Health, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, …
The dynamic nature of the region can also be found through the number of organizations, clubs, sports equipment in and around the city: theater, rugby, basketball, tennis, humanitarian. ISIMA is well located on the edge of a very large sports complex, which is completely free to access. The Zenith, the Convention Centre, the sports complex, theatre are also part of major events (Short Film Festival, European Basketball Cup, French table tennis championships, concerts …).
Economic Rejuvenation 

Traditionally dominated by manufacturing (Michelin, VALEO, SAGEM, Altadis, CSEE), Healthcare (Hydrotherapy, Clinical Chibret MSD) and the Nutrition giant (Limagrain), the regional economy is also forward looking: the Pardieu technology park and Cyberparc have allowed the emergence of information technologies and new services in the Clermont site. ISIMA participated in this, constantly welcoming start-ups within its walls (Numtech, Allegorithmic, Effidence example) and leading a project technology platform « digital simulation and information technology. »
Clermont-Ferrand: an accessible site
Clermont-Ferrand is located at the foot of the mountains of Auvergne. Life and housing are inexpensive and security problems are rare. The town is at the intersection of three highways (Clermont-Paris / Clermont-Montpellier/Clermont-Lyon), and the city is well served by train and by plane (Aulnat International Airport).
Auvergne: a region rich in discoveries
Auvergne is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions of France: ancient volcanoes, lakes and gorges, historic sites and Romanesque architecture. Contrary to popular belief, the climate is rather dry and significantly sunnier than the Paris region, and the countryside is exceptionally beautiful. Ski resorts (Super Besse, Mont-Dore, Lioran) rock climbing, hang gliding, hiking places, are within 50 km of the town, offering a wide range of opportunities for relaxation and distraction.

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