Public Engineering School in Computer Science

Bilateral Programs

ERASMUS programme and bilateral cooperation agreements 

Students have the opportunity to study at ISIMA:

  • By participating in the European educational exchange programme (ERASMUS) for an approved study period (one semester, one year, etc.)
  • By participating in a bilateral cooperation agreement between universities for an approved study period (one semester, one year, etc.)

 Before arrival, candidates work with their course manager at their home institution to draw up a list of classes and modules to take at ISIMA. After their period of study, the students will return to their home country and all validated credits from classes and modules will be transferred to and count equally towards the home university degree. These students pay enrolment fees at their home university and are not required to pay enrolment fees when they come to ISIMA.


ISIMA students can participate in ERASMUS programmes to carry out an approved period of study or receive funding for their internship in Europe (Erasmus Internship programme).

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