Public Engineering School in Computer Science

Career prospects

Every sector and every organisation is affected by digital technology. Digital technology alone is responsible for 25% of world growth. ISIMA equips its engineering graduates with all the skills needed to integrate with every field and profession in the digital sector.
The ISIMA’s RNCP (National Directory of Vocational Qualifications) page gives details on the main business sectors opened up by the ISIMA engineering degree:

Sectors of activity: IT services; software publishing; computer, electronics and telecommunications manufacturers; consulting/security; telecommunications operations; banking, finance and insurance; parts manufacturing in the automotive or aerospace industry; industry (outside computing); public administration; research and higher education; training; audio-visual, healthcare

Type of jobs: Network and IP telephony architect, information systems architect, consultant, auditor, computer solutions expert, IT project manager, design engineer, systems and security engineer, networks engineer, research and development engineer, technical sales engineer, support engineer, IT Director, managing director, PhD student then researcher or research professor.

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