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ISIMA has been training engineers in the fields of computer science and modelling for almost 20 years. In addition to teaching cutting-edge and diversified theory, the school also puts great store in practice and reaching out to the professional world.
These values been passed onto the students who founded their own association (under the law of 1901) to give concrete form to this ethos. IMAGE symbolizes the cooperation between companies and engineering students.
The association gives engineering students access to paid projects which in turn provides them with professional experience before the second and third year internships and a chance to hone their skills in a real working environment and fund their studies.…
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Apprenticeship tax : you can help us

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Our interns around the world

International internships, grants and Erasmus Some of our students are doing their internships abroad – here’s a gallery of photos of our second and third year students.
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Post your internship opportunities

Companies, you can post your internship opportunities on the UCA platform. Either by signing up to the platform here Or posting an opportunity without signing up here  …
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Most internships are in the following sectors:
  • Organisational IT (large companies, SMEs, banks, insurance, public services, etc.)
  • Networks and telecommunications
  • Computing and modelling for industrial production systems
  • Scientific calculation and modelling (aerospace, automotive, transport, etc.)
  • IT hardware manufacturing or IT services companies
  • Research & Development (France Telecom R&D, CNES, CEA, INRA, etc.)
  • Multimedia and web development (web design, security, etc.)
This list is by no means exhaustive and simply provides an overview of the variety of potential sectors our interns can find work placements in.…
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About internships

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Company conferences

ISIMA organises series of company conferences aimed at students. 2018-2019 conference calendar Here are some examples: 2018-2019 conference calendar
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Apprenticeship tax

Offering a continually evolving programme to keep up with developments in NITC and changes in the job market, ISIMA understands the importance of fostering strong links with the business world. Working closely with the local, regional and national economic fabric, we have established many research and development partnerships with industrial companies. To pursue and develop this policy, we need you more than ever. Offering internships, hiring new graduates and paying apprenticeship tax are just some of the ways you can help us train skilled and capable engineers ready to join your teams.…
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