Public Engineering School in Computer Science


F1- sofware and embedded systems



  Emmanuel Mesnard   Dr. Romuald Aufrère
Objectives The aim is to train engineers capable of understanding the programming and integration of complex systems can be embedded, integrated, interactive and communicative. This requires mastering the physical aspects (architecture) and software (embedded programming) of these systems. After his studies, computer engineer specialized in this sector will thus three major skills: design, programming and the use of embedded systems. Course The course is based mainly on the following topics: computer architecture, communication, programming and applications.…
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Diploma in the Specialization in Computing and Modelling through Research

ISIMA is authorized by the Commission du Titre d’Ingénieur (French national engineering accreditation institution) to award a Diploma in the Specialization in Computing and Modelling through Research / Diplôme de Spécialisation par la Recherche en Informatique et Modélisation. This diploma is open to students having a Diplôme d’Ingénieur (Master’s Degree in Engineering) or a Master’s Degree.  This diploma is awarded by the school.   Objectives of the DSR The aim of the programme is to allow engineers to participate in research projects without necessarily undertaking a PhD.…
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Engineering Manager

  ISIMA has signed a partnership convention with the Ecole Universitaire de Management (EUM – Université d’Auvergne) to allows its students to obtain in the final year a Master’s degree in Management and Business Administration Master 2 Administration des Entreprises (MAE). Students wishing to follow this course in tandem with their third year apply in the spring, and the applications are considered by both ISIMA and the EUM (the application procedure can be found on the EUM’s website). At the end of the course, the objective is that the graduates have as well as their skills learnt at ISIMA: General knowledge of strategic, organisational and functional (production, marketing, finance, human resources) realities of companies and other organisation Practices and techniques related to decision making and its implementation in various sectors and activities An across-the-board approach to business allowing them to grasp the synergies and the contributions which are specific to each function within a company …
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Entrepreneurship Module Training entrepreneurs and encouraging the spirit of enterprise in the young students which is a major issue for France. The main objective of the training offered at ISIMA is to make the students aware that they are actors in their own future and that multiple opportunities are available to them, notably that of creating their own business to be successful professionally and to create economic growth and jobs.   ISIMA offers, in partnership with the other engineering school sin Clermont, entrepreneurship modules in first and second year.…
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Diplôme d’Ingénieur / Master’s Programme ISIMA

ISIMA strives to provide a complete overview of the techniques, notions and concepts used in the computing domain. This constantly changing domain is both a field in its own right and an interface for numerous applications. ISIMA must therefore broach the two aspects. This notion, which the school strongly promotes, aims at developing communication between the developer and end-user, and allows the inclusion within a coordinated framework:
  • The use of computers as a tool for scientific calculation and development, and is part of a multidisciplinary approach
  • The use of computers as a support for storage and information communication, and so also as a management and decision aid tool for business
  • The design and the maintenance of IT tools at the  basic software level (networks, systems…).

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