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Bilateral Programs

ERASMUS programme and bilateral cooperation agreements  Students have the opportunity to study at ISIMA:
  • By participating in the European educational exchange programme (ERASMUS) for an approved study period (one semester, one year, etc.)
  • By participating in a bilateral cooperation agreement between universities for an approved study period (one semester, one year, etc.)
 Before arrival, candidates work with their course manager at their home institution to draw up a list of classes and modules to take at ISIMA. After their period of study, the students will return to their home country and all validated credits from classes and modules will be transferred to and count equally towards the home university degree.…
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Background Brafitec is a programme co-financed by the CAPES (Brazilian government agency) and the CDEFI (Conference of the Directors of French Engineering Schools). Cooperation between Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand, to which the two engineering schools ISIMA and Polytech’Clermont are affiliated, and the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte (UFMG) was established by a framework agreement signed by both institutions in 2001. In 2012, the Brafitec exchange programme between ISIMA-Polytech Clermont and UFMG (N08) ended after four years.…
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Joint degrees

ISIMA actively pursues an internationalisation strategy to offer:
  • students the possibility to spend a year studying in another country and obtain a local qualification in addition to their ISIMA degree; and
  • students from partner schools and universities the option to study at ISIMA on the school’s international programme and thereby obtain the ISIMA computer engineering degree.
In each case, an agreement is signed detailing the terms and conditions of the exchange and evaluation that meet the requirements of ISIMA, the CTI and each partner university.…
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International network

Giving students an international perspective is one of ISIMA’s key priorities.
 About one-third of ISIMA students carry out one of their internships overseas, working at either a company or a university laboratory on applied projects. The main organisations which host ISIMA students are any of the school’s industry partners, support laboratories or research partnerships.   Host companies include: 
  • Nortel (telecommunications company)
  • German companies Siemens (industrial automation), Audi and Infineon
  • Dutch company Threeships (Internet programming)
  • Vale Do Rio Doce In Brazil (iron ore)
  • Mexican company Netsites (websites)
Participating laboratories:
  • Canadian universities Laval and Montreal (Quebec) and Waterloo (Ontario),
  • Research centres in transportation, telecommunications and decision support in Quebec,
  • In China, University of Wuhan (telecommunications), a city which is also home to a Citroen manufacturing plant.

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