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Common Core Curriculum

Tronc Commun

The common core curriculum is composed of 4 equilibrated parts:
  • Communication and humanities
  • IT
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Physics and electronics
  Materials and tools IT Practical courses are done on terminals (UNIX) and on PC’s, in C as Scheme languages . Electronics and circuit design practical courses are performed on CAO (Xilinx),  PC’s,  and dedicated materials…
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The Clermont region has a population of about 270,000 inhabitants. It is a medium-sized urban area, including the student population (35 000 students) which represents almost 15%.
The youth of the population is reflected in the relative importance of the research carried out in the region: CNRS units, INSERM units, IRSTEA, INRA, centers of excellence in Particle Physics, Electronics, Computer Science and Robotics, Simulation and Numerical Modeling , Polymer Chemistry, Nutrition and Health, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, …
The dynamic nature of the region can also be found through the number of organizations, clubs, sports equipment in and around the city: theater, rugby, basketball, tennis, humanitarian.…
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Dissemination of scientific and technical culture

ISIMA regularly takes part in the dissemination of science and technical culture for the general public of all ages. 
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  ISIMA is located on the Campus des Cézeaux 15 minutes by tram to the town centre. Clermont-Ferrand is positioned at the intersection of the A71, A72 and A75 motorways, has good train links and an international airport.   Campus Map   Access Tram from the town centre. Take the tram (direction La Pardieu) and get off at the Cézeaux-Pellez or Campus stop. Tickets are available to buy all along the tram line. Public transport from the main SNCF station.…
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ISIMA decided in 2011 put into place the requirements of a quality management system and to ask to be considered for the ISO 9001 certification. In February 2014, after an audited, the school was awarded the ISO 9001 certification.   The certification covers the quality of the training on offer to engineers in the field of computer science and modelling. The school’s quality manual makes clear the quality management system that ISIMA has decided on.

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ISIMA and Virtual Reality

ISIMA has recently become involved in developing its research activity in the field of virtual reality:
  • Development of pedagogical activities: as well as the development of training modules within the school, we have also brought together in one place the related research carried out on the Campus.
  • A new purpose built building was inaugurated on 8 November 2013. This building is home to the specialized practical teaching rooms dedicated to virtual and augmented reality, start-ups within the domain and the Association of the Promotion of Virtual Reality (APRV).

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