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Clermont-Ferrand, an affordable and attractive student city

Clermont-Ferrand is well positioned in the L’Etudiant magazine ranking of French student towns and cities. According to this classification:

  • The city has a good stock of private housing at affordable prices so that any new student should be able to find a place to live without too much bother.
  • Home to grandes écoles, prestigious subsidiaries and the world-leading tyre manufacturer, as the main local employer, Michelin brings the capital of Auvergne an often overlooked dynamic economy.
  • The city has all the cultural, sports and retail facilities you would expect from a regional capital and a pleasant city centre made even more accessible by the tramway.


In another study published by the UNEF, Clermont-Ferrand was identified as one of the most cost-efficient cities to study. The UNEF ranks the largest French university towns and cities in terms of the cost of student living.

This ranking calculates the cost of student living in the 34 biggest university towns and cities factoring in:

  • a fixed amount (groceries, charges, books, phone and leisure) based on data from the Student Life Observatory
  • an average student accommodation rent in the city, measured each year by
  • annual cost of public transport for students.


Based on costs in descending order, Clermont ranks 28 out of 34 with the following data:

  • average monthly rent for a student in Clermont: 366 euros
  • ratio of rent cost between Paris and Clermont: x 1.6
  • proportion of a Clermont student’s budget spent on rent (national average 55%): 51.8%
  • annual public transport spending for a Clermont student: 231 euros
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