Public Engineering School in Computer Science

Continuous education

Continuous education for companies and individuals

The aims of ISIMA’s continuous education programme are:

  • For companies, to raise their employees’ level of qualification;
  • For individuals, professional development within the company;
  • To acquire or refresh knowledge (within the framework of a training plan).

ISIMA offers its resources to companies and individuals looking for qualification-bearing services in a variety of skill areas in the form of collective (intra- or inter-company) or individual actions.

ISIMA’s continuous education programme is available:

  • either directly to companies or individuals: students can obtain an ISIMA Engineering degree through the continuous education programme. In both instances, candidates must have completed two years (BAC+2) of higher education. Admission is based on an assessment of the candidate’s application. Since the system, funded by the Auvergne region, was introduced (2009-2010 academic year), nine students have chosen this enrolment path.
  • or following a specific request from our industry partners (e.g. see here or here)

VAE (Accreditation of Prior Learning)

Anyone working as a computer engineer without having the relevant qualification can obtain an ISIMA degree through the VAE system.
This system is managed by Clermont INP for the engineer degree.   The candidate is required to submit an application which is reviewed by a panel who decides whether or not the candidate has met the requirements to receive an ISIMA degree.
Accreditation can be total or partial, in which case the candidate must complete their training in the required subjects.

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