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Apprenticeship in engineering

Apprenticeship in engineering

ISIMA has opened its apprenticeship program since the start of the September 2022 academic year

The objective of this curriculum is to train, through apprenticeship, engineers in Computer Science. The degree is the same as that obtained under student status.

The Training

The training is comprehensive in computer science. An ISIMA engineer should be able to manage or integrate into IT projects, model, design, and implement solutions, and communicate with all stakeholders. The training program covers major themes such as software development, computer security, web development, internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, operational research, information system architecture, networks, databases, mobile programming, etc.

Social and environmental responsibility, English, economics, law, communication, project management are also part of the curriculum.

The pedagogy is based on a competency-based approach with sequences of learning and evaluation situations.

Duration – Schedule:

The program lasts for 3 years (from September 2024 to September 2027 for the next intake), from bachelor’s degree +3 to master’s degree +5, and the alternating rhythm is generally 4 weeks at ISIMA / 4 weeks in a company. This alternating rhythm allows companies geographically distant from Auvergne to receive and train an ISIMA apprentice.



An international experience (minimum 9 weeks, recommended 12) is mandatory to obtain the ISIMA Engineer Diploma, following the requirements of the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur.

Monitoring – Tutoring:

The apprentice is supervised by a master in the company and a teaching tutor chosen from the ISIMA teaching team. A dematerialized apprentice booklet and periodic meetings allow for appropriate monitoring.


Apprenticeship is a system of alternating training, combining periods in the company and periods in a training institution. It allows the apprentice to obtain a professional qualification sanctioned by a national diploma or a title with a professional purpose and to receive practical training within the company.
Alongside employees, the apprentice learns a profession and techniques while also discovering the company’s culture and work habits.
All sectors and companies are affected by digital technology.

Sectors of activity: IT service companies, software publishers, industry, computer manufacturers, consulting/security, telecommunications, banking, aerospace, public administration, research, audiovisual, health, etc.
Types of jobs: Developer, IT architect, consultant, auditor, IT project manager, studies engineer, system and security engineer, network engineer, research and development engineer, etc.

The benefits of apprenticeship for apprentices

A regular salary, even during school periods, housing assistance (Mobili-jeunes, Loca Pass, APL…)

Activity bonus (if eligible), student card for trades, assistance with financing a driver’s license

Social protection (sickness, maternity, paternity, retirement), company health insurance

Unemployment insurance, retirement (apprenticeship years count as full years)

A first professional experience, obtaining a diploma or qualification, applying what is learned during training periods

Building a professional network


The legal minimum set by law (private sector) depends on the apprentice’s age, the level of diploma prepared, and progress in the training cycle.
A simulator is available at this address
The trial period is 45 days of presence in the company (consecutive or not). During this period, either party can unilaterally terminate the contract, respecting a notice period.

Students: How to Apply

This apprenticeship program is intended for students:

    • from IUT, especially in Computer Science, Networks, and Telecommunications,
    • from Bachelor’s in Computer Science (L2 or L3),
    • from BTS, especially SIO (Services Informatiques aux Organisations) and BTS CIEL (Cybersecurity, Computer Science and Networks, Electronics, option Computer Science and Networks),
    • from Prepa ATS.
  • Applications for future apprentices will be open from January 2024 until the end of March 2024.

A application file will need to be submitted online.

Preselected students will be called for an interview in May 2024, and if admitted, the search for a host company will begin. ISIMA will provide contacts with companies.
Admission to the school is only definitive after signing an apprenticeship contract with a company.

The program has 24 places. After the interview phase, the recruitment committee can rank up to 45 candidates (called eligible candidates). Only the first 24 to sign an apprenticeship contract with an approved subject by the training manager will be definitively admitted.

Company: How to Recruit an Apprentice

Recruiting an apprentice allows you to secure the hiring of new employees by adapting their skills to your business and company culture, within the framework of preparing for a Computer Science Engineer diploma recognized by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI).
A company that wants to host an apprentice for the period 2024-2027 must download the job description template below and send it to
Applications for future apprentices will be open from January 2024 to the end of March 2024. Preselected students will be called for an interview in May 2024, and if admitted, the search for a host company will begin based on the received job descriptions.
Admission to the school is only definitive after signing an apprenticeship contract with a company.
The training costs are financed by the Operator of Skills (OPCO) on which the company depends, and no additional costs will be requested from the employer.

File to download

Plaquette étudiant apprentissage
Student Brochure

Company brochure

Position description


Michel CHEMINAT – Head of the Engineer’s Degree through Apprenticeship
Élodie FAYE – Administrative contact

+33 4 73 40 50 00

In partnership with the apprenticeship training center (CFA) FormaSup Auvergne.

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