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F1 – Computer Science of Interactive Systems for Embedded and Virtual Environment

F1 – Computer Science of Interactive Systems for Embedded and Virtual Environment


The goal is to train engineers capable of understanding the programming and integration of complex systems that can be embedded, integrated, interactive, and communicative. This requires mastery of both hardware (architecture) and software (embedded programming) aspects of these systems. Upon completing their course, engineers specialized in this field will have three major skills: the design, programming, and use of embedded systems.


The training mainly focuses on the following themes: computer architecture, communication, programming, and applications. Indeed, this training covers all the domains necessary to understand complex embedded or integrated systems. At the application level, a particular emphasis has recently been placed on two key applications: virtual reality and robotics. The virtual reality project, supported by the virtual reality center, relies on high-performance hardware used both in the industrial world and in research.

Detailed programs for the two years are available in these documents:


Methods and Tools

  • Programming or modeling tools: VHDL, LabVIEW, Unity
  • Processors: ARM, PIC, DSP
  • Virtual Reality: Glove + glasses, haptic interface, immersive cube
  • CAD Tools: Synopsis, Mentor, Altium

Career Opportunities

Tens of billions of embedded systems are designed and used by many industrial sectors such as:

  • aerospace, space, and defense
  • railway and automotive industries
  • mobile networks and telecommunications
  • semiconductor industry
  • infrastructure: monitoring, home automation

Partners include companies that design embedded systems in the fields of transport and defense (EADS, Airbus, Renault, etc.), in telecommunications (Thales, etc.), companies that design SoC (System on Chip) for various applications (ST Microelectronics, etc.), companies developing CAD tools for circuits or systems, companies in the NTIC sector, and service companies (ALTRAN, SOPRA, VIVERIS, etc.).

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