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F2 – Software Engineering and Computer Systems

F2 – Software Engineering and Computer Systems


The goal is to train engineers capable of mastering software development processes by relying on techniques of modeling, design, development, and management of computer projects. These techniques should enable the design of modern applications that require the integration of heterogeneous components (such as database connection, network communication, and graphical user interface, for example).


The training, focused on software development, covers modeling and development techniques within the context of computer projects. Emphasis is also placed on application redevelopment, model engineering, and, more generally, high-level modeling and analysis for computer project management.
Detailed programs are available in these documents:

Methods and Tools

  • Programming Languages: C++ (GNU), C# (.Net), Java (Java EE/Jakarta EE/Spring)
  • Databases: Oracle (+ JDBC/ODBC), PostgreSQL
  • Development Models: Extreme/Agile Programming, DevOps N-tier
  • Architectures, Graphical Interfaces, Business Layers
  • Web Services, Web Applications, and Security
  • Parallelism, Distributed Systems, Grid Computing and Cloud, Virtualization
  • Mobile Development and Applications

Career Opportunities

Recent developments are increasingly shifting development activities towards integrating highly heterogeneous components to create products based on distributed architecture (especially on the Internet or enterprise intranets). The knowledge provided in this field is intended to allow future engineers to quickly access roles as development team leaders or software development consultants.

The job market includes companies in the digital services sector (ESNs), IT departments of large companies, banks and insurance companies, firms specialized in Internet and e-commerce, the gaming industry, as well as research and development centers.

Strong partnerships exist between the Software Engineering and Computer Systems option and numerous private and public research centers (such as the John Hutton Institute, INRAE, Hewlett Packard, Thales, Michelin, for example). ESNs such as Akkodis, Atos, Cap Gemini, CGI, Orange, SopraGroup regularly recruit from our students.

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