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F4 – Optimization and Artificial Intelligence

F4 – Optimization and Artificial Intelligence


The perspective adopted here considers the computer more as a tool than a means of storing information. The term modeling, in this context, should be understood in the mathematical and computational sense. The goal is to train engineers who can master the interplay between real systems and numerical models, capable of developing and testing complex software. The computer engineer we aim to train here should be able to:

  • Participate in multidisciplinary teams in the mathematical and computer modeling of continuous or discrete systems.
  • Propose, in a relevant manner, specific algorithmic treatments or the use of existing software tools for the obtained models.
  • Evaluate the behavior of physical systems, manufacturing processes, or computer methods, and suggest improvements that can result from testing.

Therefore, more than others, they must interact with other domains and work collectively.

The introduction of Data Science modules in 2017 responds to the growing needs of companies and the emergence of the Data Scientist profession.


Computer science is approached as a tool for computation, modeling, and processing large amounts of data. The methods studied are based on applied mathematics, data analysis, parallel computing, and operations research. Applications cover various fields, including data science, mechanics, physics, economics, imaging, and telecommunications.
Detailed programs are available in these documents:

Skills and Tools

  • Numerical computing: Matlab
  • Optimization: CPLEX, AMPL
  • Parallel computing: MPI, «openMP» and «CUDA»
  • CAD: Catia

Career Opportunities

Major industrial sectors that require computational expertise (Michelin, Valeo, PSA…), telecommunications operators and manufacturers (France Telecom, Alcatel), transportation companies (Air France, SNCF), engineering service companies involved in industrial innovation projects, and companies specialized in data science and intelligence, as well as research and development centers (CEA, CNES, Orange Labs, INSEE), all offer opportunities for graduates.

Engineers from this program will join design, development, modeling, data intelligence, and research teams as part of multidisciplinary projects with high innovative potential.


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