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F5 – Networks and Computer Security

F5 – Networks and Computer Security

SecNumEdu Certified Training by ANSSI


The goal of this program is to train computer engineers in the fields of networks and computer security. Indeed, an increasing number of devices are becoming connected (computers, servers, phones, etc.), and the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) devices poses new challenges in cybersecurity. It is crucial to ensure the security, availability, and confidentiality of these devices to maintain trust in these information systems.

Our engineers must be able to address network design and monitoring issues while placing security at the center of their considerations.


The program in this field consists of three main components:

  • Software Development;
  • Computer Networks;
  • Computer Security.

Software development allows them to reinforce concepts seen in the common core of all programs, especially in object-oriented programming, web programming, and mobile application development using software engineering practices like agile methods and continuous integration.

The network component covers concepts such as information routing, protocols, Internet of Things, cloud computing, virtualization, data centers, and more.

Lastly, all topics are also addressed from a security perspective: software security, cryptography, secure network architecture, forensic analysis, signal interception, malware analysis, risk management, security policies, and more.

This program enables students to approach software development, network design, and administration with expertise in computer security.

Detailed programs are available in these documents:

Skills and Tools

  • Active network equipment (Cisco CCNA certification possible), VoIP servers,
  • Security: Firewall, VPN, Radius, DRP, BCP, Pentesting,
  • Internet of Things platform, Software-defined Radio (HackRF One).

Career Opportunities

Many studies show that there is a shortage of competent individuals in the field’s themes. Indeed, networks are increasingly solicited with the widespread use of cloud computing, remote access, and the Internet of Things. And with the increasing number of cyberattacks, students in this field are in high demand, even before completing their degrees.

Career opportunities include positions in large corporations, such as network architects or information systems security managers. Other potential employers include digital services companies, startups, intelligence services, and government agencies.

The program has received the SecNumEdu label from ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency). This label recognizes that our digital security training program complies with a charter and criteria defined by ANSSI in collaboration with industry professionals.

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