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Master’s in Computer Science


The Master’s degree in Computer Science is a two-year program focused on decision-making and software computer science, 3D programming, image data management, and interactive and immersive 3D systems. It is an undifferentiated master’s program with both professional and research orientations. The first year (M1) consists of a common core dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of computer science, as well as complementary and specialization courses. The second year (M2) offers specialization in one of the tracks (SIAD, GLIA, 3DIA, and ICS). The 3DIA track (M2) takes place in Le Puy-En-Velay (at the IUT premises), while all other tracks are conducted at the Cézeaux site in Aubière (at the ISIMA premises).


The Master’s degree in Computer Science aims to train specialists in the field of computer science. It offers excellent training related to innovative methodologies and technologies used in various computer science domains. The program aims to develop skills in modeling, decision analysis, application integration, network and information systems security, imaging, and virtual/augmented reality. The master’s program includes a research component that can benefit students enrolled in Clermont-Ferrand engineering programs, especially those enrolled in the ISIMA engineering program. Conversely, master’s students benefit from the infrastructure, platforms, and applied courses of the engineering program. This integration is achieved through shared courses housed in the same building. This allows students to pursue various computer science career opportunities in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and nationally. The master’s program leverages the areas of excellence of UCA research laboratories (LIMOS and Institut Pascal, Labex IMOBS3, and ClerVolc), as well as the CAP 20-25 Investment Program.


Affiliation with the Institute of Computer Science in Auvergne: The master’s program benefits from significant hardware and software infrastructure, as well as dedicated technological platforms, like all programs of the institute.


Aubière, Le Puy-en-Velay

Program Coordinator

  • Mr. Engelbert MEPHU NGUIFO

Phone: +33473407629



Required Education

To enroll in the master’s program, students must have the following skills: fundamentals of computer science (algorithm analysis, data structures, automata, logic), object-oriented programming, systems and networks fundamentals, basics of data modeling, introduction to database manipulation and querying, mathematical tools for computer science.

What Comes Next?

Exit Level

Year After High School Graduation

Master’s Degree (Bac +5)

Targeted Skills

Targeted Activities / Attested Skills

The Master’s in Computer Science aims to develop skills in modeling, decision analysis, application integration, software and internet technologies, imaging, and virtual reality. The master’s program is developed based on the SIAD (focused on decision-making in computer science), GLIA (focused on software development and integration projects), 3DIA (focused on 3D development and Artificial Intelligence), and ICS (focused on computer science research) tracks. The master’s program is closely linked to professionalization. In particular, the following skills are common to all tracks:

  • Implement a project, define goals and context, carry out and evaluate actions.
  • Conduct a study: pose a problem, build and develop an argument, interpret results, create a synthesis, propose perspectives.
  • Master mathematical and computer tools.
  • Master problem modeling using operations research (optimization, graphs, discrete algorithms).
  • Implement a modeling/solution approach to business process deployment and application integration issues.

Further Studies

The master’s program has several connections with research. Firstly, the instructors in the master’s program are mostly teacher-researchers (except for industrial lecturers) who conduct research in computer science at LIMOS. These teacher-researchers are involved in both M1 and M2, across all tracks. Research-oriented courses aim to train students in research. In this master’s program, the courses are related to the research themes of the LIMOS laboratory. The master’s program covers the laboratory’s research axes: operations research, information and communication systems, and imaging. Graduates of the master’s program can also pursue a Ph.D. in a laboratory in France or abroad.

No pathways have been established with other mentions at UCA.

Career Prospects

Fields of Activity

  • Enterprise Support


  • Expertise and support in information systems
  • Information system administration
  • Information technology studies and development
  • Information system management
  • Information system consulting and project management

Fields of Activity or Type of Employment

The professional prospects of the master’s program are in the fields of decision-making in computer science (SIAD), software development and integration (GLIA), 3D development and artificial intelligence (3DIA).

Professional Integration

Graduates of the master’s program easily find employment as engineers or consultants in business-focused companies such as Accenture, CGI France, STERIA-SOPRA Group, Business and Decision, CAP Gemini, ATOS, and more. They can also work in large companies like Michelin, Limagrain, or smaller businesses such as SMEs. Depending on the chosen track, graduates have access to various computer science professions, including:

Network Information Technology Administrator/Analyst/Manager;
Database Administrator/Architect;
Functional Analyst/Architect/System Information Auditor;
Business Intelligence Developer/Analyst/Consultant;
Web/Network/Information System Project Manager;
Computer Application Engineer/Integrator;
Business Systems Project Manager;
Imaging Tools Analyst/Architect/Developer;
3D Technology Analyst/Architect/Developer;
Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Engineer;
Data Science Engineer;
Image Acquisition/Processing/Analysis Engineer;
Ph.D. pursuit: computer science, signal processing.

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