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Training future entrepreneurs and promoting an entrepreneurial spirit among young students is a major challenge for our country. The primary goal of the training offered at ISIMA is to make students aware that they are the architects of their own future and that multiple opportunities are available to them, including the possibility of starting their own businesses, in order to achieve professional fulfillment and create economic, social, and employment wealth.

Thus, in partnership with other engineering schools in Clermont, ISIMA offers entrepreneurship modules in the first and second years. The aim is to raise students’ awareness of the challenges of entrepreneurship and help them understand all the mechanics of running a company in the start-up and development phases.


Discovery Module (First Year)

  • The challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Creativity and generating ideas for innovative projects
  • Translating an idea into a business model
  • Project development methodology
  • Marketing, sales, financial, legal, and technical aspects
  • Human resources aspects
  • Connecting with resourceful individuals, actor networks, and partners
  • Preparation of a project dossier argued by each group of students.

Immersion Module (Second Year)

  • Presentation of the economic environment of the management simulator
  • Analysis by students, in teams, of the strategic elements of the company and its competitive context
  • Marketing and sales decisions
  • Financial decisions and operational decisions
  • Human resources decisions
  • Managing a company in a competitive environment during the first 5 years of operation
  • Presentation and defense of the strategy developed by each team/company.
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