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International partners

International partners

International Partners

An international experience is mandatory to validate the ISIMA diploma. This experience (with a minimum duration of 17 weeks) can take various forms, such as studying abroad or pursuing a double degree, an internship in a foreign company or laboratory, and more.

To facilitate students in validating this international experience, ISIMA provides access to its network of partners and research contacts through LIMOS, etc. In recent years, ISIMA has also introduced a mobility assistance scholarship (with a total amount of €60,000 in 2022-2023), which complements other financial aids. Eligibility for various aids may vary based on the type of mobility, destination, or social criteria.

International openness is one of ISIMA’s top priorities. Approximately one-third of ISIMA students complete one of their internships abroad, either within a company or a university laboratory working on applied projects.

The main reception points for ISIMA students in this context are either partner companies of ISIMA or support laboratories and research partnerships established at the research level.

For example, some of the industrial partners include:


And for academic partners:

North America


South America



  • NII – The University of Tokyo (Japan)
  • ScMU – Wuhan University (China)



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