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Association of Alumni

Association of Alumni

The network of Former Students of ISIMA (ANELIS) is an association with the goal of strengthening and promoting connections between alumni. It aims to contribute to the life of ISIMA and enhance its content through feedback and experience sharing. ANELIS organizes and structures the alumni network of the school. Ultimately, ANELIS offers various events throughout the year, centered around three main axes: sharing, mutual assistance, and conviviality.

Firstly, there’s “Paye Ta Mousse” (PTM): an event that brings together former students and current students over a drink. The uniqueness of this event is that it takes place on the same day for all alumni worldwide (London, Shanghai, Montreal, etc.). It is organized initially at the beginning of the school year (November) when new students are getting to know each other but have not yet met the alumni. It’s also the ideal moment for 2nd and 3rd-year students to tap into the network for internship opportunities. The second edition of PTM happens in April, coinciding with the arrival of interns, allowing them to learn about the strengths of their new host city and company.

Next, there are the “Récrés,” a new concept launched in 2012. These are short and playful conferences held during the lunch break on weekdays at ISIMA’s premises. The goal is to invite one or more alumni to present an aspect or theme related to their careers. These events highlight the diversity and relevance of the professions of our Engineers.

Lastly, the final event offered by ANELIS is the Seminar (held on the day of the Gala). The aim is, on the one hand, to engage with the School’s Administration regarding its direction and changes made during the year and, on the other hand, to interact with students about “life after ISIMA” and the significant questions that arise from it.

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