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IMAGE Business Association

IMAGE Business Association


Adnane RAJI

Vice President
Nouhaila JABBAR


For almost twenty years now, ISIMA has been training engineers in the fields of computer science and modeling. In addition to a rigorous and diversified theoretical education, the school places particular importance on practical training and opening up to the professional world. The students have also understood this commitment of the teaching staff, and it is through a 1901 law association that their determination is expressed.

IMAGE is the symbol of cooperation between companies and engineering students. This association provides students with paid project opportunities, allowing them to gain professional experience even before their second and third-year internships, improve their skills in a real working environment, and the possibility to finance their studies. Members of IMAGE are students who are responsible for acting as intermediaries between companies and students in terms of contracts, allowing the student in charge of the project to focus exclusively on their task without worrying about administrative details. The association, therefore, takes care of monitoring the realization of the commercial proposal, from establishing the specifications to delivering the product.

On the company side, the services offered by the association enable the completion of projects related to computer science (such as the development, optimization, testing, and maintenance of websites and software) but also training or various applications of the school’s specializations (such as databases or electronic cards) at lower prices than services offered on the market.

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