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Student Union (BDE) presentation

Student Union (BDE) presentation

Student life is one of the cornerstones of engineering education, and ISIMA is no exception! It is rich and diverse, managed by the Bureau Des Elèves (BDE), which is a 1901 law association. The BDE is, above all, a team of motivated ZZ (ISIMA students) whose sole aim is to make the most of their time at school for as many students as possible.

ISIMA also has a student lounge where students can gather at any time of the day for a coffee, a card game, or even a game of foosball.

The main activity of the BDE is, therefore, the organization of various events to reach as many students as possible. Bowling, bar nights, nightclub outings, there is no shortage of opportunities.

All of this is in addition to the activities offered by the many ISIMA clubs. Movie screenings, music concerts, video game development, robotics, sports tournaments, poker games, DJ sessions, role-playing games, the list is long and far from exhaustive!

Major events are also organized throughout the year, whether by the BDE, school clubs, or the BREI Auvergne (Regional Bureau of Engineering Students in Auvergne), which aims to bring together and represent the five engineering schools in Auvergne. Ski weekends, school Gala, or the 5-school party at B.Box are examples of the variety of student life at ISIMA.

You can find more details about all the school clubs and what they offer on the Bureau Des Elèves’ website.

The website also lists the calendar of various events to keep students informed of what is being offered to them.

Watch the BDE 2017 handover video.

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