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The Research Specialization Diploma

The Research Specialization Diploma

Spécialisation par la recherche
The Research Specialization Diploma

ISIMA has been authorized by the Commission for Engineering Degrees to award a “Research Specialization Diploma in Computer Science and Modeling.” This diploma is open to students holding an Engineering Degree or a master’s degree. It is an institution-specific diploma.

Objectives of the Research Specialization Diploma (DSR)

  • Create favorable conditions for engineers to participate in research projects without necessarily committing to the preparation of a thesis.
  • Provide a more substantial response to demands for in-depth knowledge (specialization in scientific knowledge for computer engineers) and adaptability (multidisciplinary openness, general scientific culture, or even double expertise).
  • Strengthen the involvement of companies in the pedagogy provided to student engineers, focusing on themes and perspectives specific to the business world.

To achieve these objectives, it is planned that each student will be involved in an industry/university research partnership. This partnership is formalized by a contract between the company and the university, including the student’s remuneration. The student is placed under the responsibility of a university research supervisor and a company engineer.

Course of the Year

The year is divided between teaching, presentations by industrial experts on specific topics, seminars, and a research and development-oriented internship in a company or laboratory. Teaching (120 hours) takes place in the first trimester of the academic year, and the internship is defended in September. The courses offered to students include:

  • Presentations reflecting industrial perspectives on research, development, or ongoing developments in certain disciplines, conducted by specialists from the business world or research organizations,
  • Specialization courses taught by Clermont-based teaching-researchers or guest lecturers,
  • Seminars organized by research laboratories.

Internship Topics

Here are some examples of internship topics:

  • Fuzzy logic and autonomous vehicle control (CEMAGREF)
  • Numerical modeling of windshield wiper operation (VALEO)
  • Logical programming and service design in transportation (T2C)
  • Modeling and simulation of flexible workshops (MICHELIN)
  • Signal input sensors in cardiology (CHU Clermont-Ferrand)
  • Wireless local area networks in Telemedicine (France Télécom R&D)

Diploma Award Conditions

The Research Specialization Diploma is awarded by a jury to students whose internship grade is at least 12/20 and whose average score in theoretical exams is at least 10/20. The jury, chaired by the director of the institute, is composed of all the teachers who are involved either through teaching or through project supervision, and the company engineers responsible for the internship.

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