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ISIMA has signed a partnership convention with the Ecole Universitaire de Management (EUM – Université d’Auvergne) to allows its students to obtain in the final year a Master’s degree in Management and Business Administration Master 2 Administration des Entreprises (MAE).

Students wishing to follow this course in tandem with their third year apply in the spring, and the applications are considered by both ISIMA and the EUM (the application procedure can be found on the EUM’s website).

At the end of the course, the objective is that the graduates have as well as their skills learnt at ISIMA:

General knowledge of strategic, organisational and functional (production, marketing, finance, human resources) realities of companies and other organisation

Practices and techniques related to decision making and its implementation in various sectors and activities

An across-the-board approach to business allowing them to grasp the synergies and the contributions which are specific to each function within a company 

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