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Training entrepreneurs and inspiring young business minds is of great importance in France. The main objective of the training offered at ISIMA is to convey the message to students that they are the main stakeholders of their own future and have many possibilities , perhaps ultimately setting up their own business, a mark of professional success and chance to create economic and social wealth and jobs.

To this end, ISIMA has partnered up with engineering schools in Clermont to offer entrepreneurship modules in the first and second years. The aim of these modules is to raise students’ awareness of the challenges of entrepreneurship and explain the full mechanics of interactions between the different parties involved and the various aspects of running and then growing a start-up.


Introductory module (first year)

  • Challenges of entrepreneurship
  • Skills of the entrepreneur
  • Creativity and researching ideas for an innovation project
  • Converting an idea into a business model
  • Project start-up methodology
  • Marketing, sales, financial, legal and technical aspects
  • Human resources aspects
  • Fostering relationships with key resources, networks and partners
  • Project pitch by each student group.


Immersion module (second year)

  • Presentation of the management simulator economic environment
  • Analysis of the strategic business elements and their competitive context (group work)
  • Marketing and sales decisions
  • Financial and operational decisions
  • Decision-making in human resources
  • Managing a company in a competitive sector during its first five years in business
  • Viva voce and presentation of the development strategy by each group/company
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