Public Engineering School in Computer Science

F1- sofware and embedded systems

 Filière 1 - Informatique des systèmes embarqués


icon_users_multiple  Emmanuel Mesnard


icon_users_multiple  Dr. Romuald Aufrère



The aim is to train engineers capable of understanding the programming and integration of complex systems can be embedded, integrated, interactive and communicative. This requires mastering the physical aspects (architecture) and software (embedded programming) of these systems.

After his studies, computer engineer specialized in this sector will thus three major skills: design, programming and the use of embedded systems.


The course is based mainly on the following topics: computer architecture, communication, programming and applications. This course covers all the areas necessary for the understanding of complex systems whether they be embedded or integrated. At the application level, emphasis has recently been placed on two key applications: virtual reality and robotics. The virtual reality project, supported by the virtual reality center, relies on high-performance materials used both in industry and research. The robotics part addresses the practical problems of programming embedded systems and also provides a link with the world of research particularly in the field of mobile robotics regarding the notions of perception (image processing, …) and localization (modeling, …).

Materials and tools

  • Programming or modeling tools: VHDL, LabVIEW, Unity
  • Processors: ARM, PIC, DSP
  • Virtual Reality: Glove + bezel, haptic interface, immersive cube
  • CAD tools: Synopsis, Mentor, Altium
  • Robotics: Manipulator arm, Wifibot


Billions of embedded systems are designed and used by many industries such as:

  • aeronautics, space industry, defense
  • rail and automotive industries
  • mobile networks and telecommunications
  • semi-conductor industry
  • Infrastructure: surveillance, home automation

Our partners are companies designing embedded systems in the fields of transport and defense (EADS, Airbus, Renault …), in the field of telecommunications (Thales …), design companies SoC (System on Chip) various applications (ST Microelectronics, …), companies developing CAD circuits or systems tools, the companies of the ICT sector or service companies (Altran, Sopra, VIVERIS …).

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