Public Engineering School in Computer Science

F3 – Information System Management and Decision Support Systems

 Filière 3 - Systèmes d'information et aide à la décision



icon_users_multiple  Dr. Myong-ah Kang


icon_users_multiple  Dr. Philippe Lacomme



The objective is to provide methods and tools for the design, implementation, operation and integration of production systems, information systems and decision support systems to optimize decision making within the company.


The curriculum is structured in three blocks, which complement the “Core curriculum” focuses on modern languages, communication, law and business management, software engineering, operating systems and networks. The “Engineering Information Systems” offers different modules: Foundations and development of databases, introduction to information systems, database administration, business intelligence, data mining …

The “Modelling for Decision Support” focuses on operational research, modeling of random processes, discrete simulation flow, economic forecasts … Finally “Functional integration of companies” ERP presents the management of the supply chain, application integration, Web services, Java technology …

Materials and tools

  • Suite Oracle (Oracle 11g, ERP Oracle Applications)
  • SQL Server (Microsoft)
  • SAS BI, SAS Enterprise Miner
  • Talend, Business Objects, WEKA
  • QNAP2 Queueing Network Analysis Package
  • Java EE, Eclipse, Netbeans, Borland C++


Jobs covered by this sector include BI companies (Umanis, B & D, Polarys, Axege …), IT services industry(Cap Gemini, Sopra, Logica …), IT vendors (Oracle, Qualiac, SAS …), all major information systems users: Manufacturing, banking, insurance, logistics, transport (Michelin, Air France, France Telecom …) and  research centers (CEA, CNRS, INRA …).

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