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F5 – Networks and telecommunication

Filière 5 - Réseaux et télécommunications


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The objective is to train engineers able to grasp all the notions necessary for the development, administration and security of the components of the modern information systems.

Network and mobile elements are at its heart, the teaching program covers all concepts required to run an enterprise network, from design (constraints, specifications) to application domains (Web, application smartphone, VoIP) having as a transverse objective the understanding of issues related to security and performance.


Subjects studied cover network architecture, application development, security, virtualization, management and metrology systems and networks.

Aspects related to mobility and security are especially designed in order to help the students understand all the solutions and possible implementations.

The curriculum allows the students to learn the different elements constituting an information system and its use, without neglecting the aspects of infrastructure: this concerns both current storage solutions (cloud, virtualization), the management software Datacenter and network, as well as devices to implement for data communication (voice or data) or tools to evaluate, optimize and secure networks.

A significant part of the course is based on the development of applications integrating the various facets of the Internet in order to create programs that operate in a distributed manner or not.

The communication protocols used by operators or companies are also studied and implemented through practical exercises performed on different hardware/

Materials and tools

  • Active network equipment (Cisco CCNA certification possible)
  • Development Platform (Eclipse, Visual Studio) and languages ​​(Java, C + +, C #, php …)
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, OS400
  • VoIP Servers: Asterisk, Cisco Unity Express
  • The safety and security (EBIOS, Firewall, PRA, PCA, ITIL)


Major industrial groups (Michelin, Thales, Airbus), the major operators of telecommunications infrastructure (Orange, SFR), companies offering software and services on the Internet (IT services industry, software publishers), companies whose activities are geographically extended (banks, transport …), device manufacturers (Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens …), mobile application developers (Openium) …

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