Public Engineering School in Computer Science


ISIMA has been training engineers in the fields of computer science and modelling for almost 20 years. In addition to teaching cutting-edge and diversified theory, the school also puts great store in practice and reaching out to the professional world.
These values been passed onto the students who founded their own association (under the law of 1901) to give concrete form to this ethos.

IMAGE symbolizes the cooperation between companies and engineering students.
The association gives engineering students access to paid projects which in turn provides them with professional experience before the second and third year internships and a chance to hone their skills in a real working environment and fund their studies.
IMAGE’s members are students who manage the contracts between companies and the engineering students which means the student leading the project can focus exclusively on the task in hand without having to deal with the administrative side of things. The association then takes responsibility for monitoring the progress of the project from the sales proposal to defining the specifications to product delivery.


On the company side, the services offered by the association provide a solution for IT related projects (such as the production, optimisation, testing and maintenance of websites and software) but also training and various applications in the school’s areas of specialisation (e.g. databases or electronic cards) at below market prices.

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