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Industrial relations

Industrial relations

Offering a continually evolving programme to keep up with developments in NITC and changes in the job market, ISIMA understands the importance of fostering strong links with the business world. Working closely with the local, regional and national economic fabric, we have established many research and development partnerships with industrial companies.

Relationships with different sectors of the economy is one of the engineering school’s cornerstones. Through these we are able to offer students exciting internships and first jobs and enable technology transfers for laboratories.

Company involvement in school life

Some of the relationships forged flourish to become true partnerships, with companies taking a much more active role in the life of the school through teaching, conferences, forums and management bodies. Among these are Michelin (which holds the presidency of ISIMA’s board of directors), Cap Gemini, Siemens, IBM, Atos, Sagem, Polarys and Crédit Agricole.

Technology transfer

Collaborations born out of research and the action of support laboratories still tend to be the ones which offer students the most rewarding experiences from a scientific perspective. The main actions developed in this area relate to:

  • Production theory: the design of manufacturing, evaluation and modelling processed for flexible manufacturing facilities; planning and decision-making in logistics (Michelin, Valeo, Amis, CHRU Clermont-Ferrand, Technicatom, etc.)
  • Telecommunications:
    • Provisioning of multi-service broadband network (France Telecom R&D, INRIA, collaborations between France and China, France and Canada, France and Brazil, etc.)
    • Mobile telephony (France Telecom, collaboration between ISIMA & GERAD MONTREAL, etc.)
    • Wireless networks (BA Systems, France Telecom, etc.)
    • Telemedecine (CHU Clermont-Ferrand, AVE-France, CNET, University of Seattle, etc.)
    • Transport: demand analysis, supply planning, network optimisation, flow control and routing, software engineering workshops, simulation (SNCF, CERTU Lyon, INRETS, T2C, Transports Nicolas, Dieppe port, etc.)
  • Ecosystem modelling and simulation: Caulerpa taxifolia, forests and animal populations, object modelling and simulation, neural network forecasting (IRSTEA, INRA, marine biology laboratory in Nice, European ESPRIT and LIFE projects, John Hutton Institute, etc.)
  • Electric grid provisioning (EDF, Polytechnic University of Barcelona, University of Santiago in Chile, etc.)
  • Neural network forecasting: applications in astronomy and telecommunications (European Space Research Centre in Munich, CNET Lannion)
  • Information Systems and Electronic Commerce (AEGIS, Société Générale, CNET)
  • Medical imaging: 3D scanning, pathology recognition (AVE France, Mediasys, Siemens, etc.)
  • Robotics: smart vehicle, farm machinery, artificial vision (Peugeot/SA, IRSTEA, etc.)
  • Digital simulation and modelling: coil modelling, fluid mechanics, fracture mechanics (EDF, Michelin, Valeo, etc.)

Technology platform

Since its inception, ISIMA has participated in numerous incubation activities for start-ups at its site in Clermont ( Numtech, Allegorithmic, Openium, etc.)

ISIMA also hosts the following companies on its digital modelling and information technologies technology platform:

  • 4D Virtualis
  • Catopsys
  • Effidence
  • Myakiatto
  • Reoviz
  • Social Unit
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