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International network

Giving students an international perspective is one of ISIMA’s key priorities.
 About one-third of ISIMA students carry out one of their internships overseas, working at either a company or a university laboratory on applied projects.

The main organisations which host ISIMA students are any of the school’s industry partners, support laboratories or research partnerships.


Host companies include: 

  • Nortel (telecommunications company)
  • German companies Siemens (industrial automation), Audi and Infineon
  • Dutch company Threeships (Internet programming)
  • Vale Do Rio Doce In Brazil (iron ore)
  • Mexican company Netsites (websites)

Participating laboratories:

  • Canadian universities Laval and Montreal (Quebec) and Waterloo (Ontario),
  • Research centres in transportation, telecommunications and decision support in Quebec,
  • In China, University of Wuhan (telecommunications), a city which is also home to a Citroen manufacturing plant.
  • University of Oklahoma (USA) (industrial engineering, meteorology, optimisation, mathematics)
  • IBM Research Watson Center (operational research, logical programming) in New York and the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Gaithersburg (linguistics, languages, software engineering and more)
  • Cardiovascular Imaging Laboratory at the University of Seattle (3D ultrasound, collaboration with Clermont-Ferrand CHU)
  • Hewlett-Packard Research Centre in Bristol (UK) (cryptography and networks)
  • University of Maine (USA) (ecosystem simulation and modelling)
  • University of Tokyo (Japan) (oceanography research centre)
  • European Astronomy Laboratory in Munich (neural networks)
  • Universities of Belfast and Dublin (simulation, multi-agent systems)
  • University of Santiago, Chile (mathematical optimisation, network optimisation)
  • ISPRA marine activities research centre (Italy)
  • Brazilian universities of Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza and Rio de Janeiro (production theory, mathematical programming)
  • James Hutton Institute (UK)
  • University of Bergen (medical imaging)
  • CSIRO (Brisbane, Australia)
  • Royal Observatory of Belgium (astronomical data processing)
  • CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) 

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