Public Engineering School in Computer Science

International Student Admission

Degree-seeking students must provide the following documents for the application to be considered:

  • Certified copies of all university transcripts and diplomas in French (transcripts from the previous 2 or three years)
  • A handwritten letter describing the reasons for wanting to in France, and the choice of ISIMA
  • At least one 1 letter of recommendation from a professor or a professional supervisor 


The deadline is the 20 June 2014 (allow sufficient mailing time). The applications will be examined end of June/beginning of July. 

 Students who have already successfully completed two years at university (L2) or have a DUT are admitted into the first year. Students who have a Master’s Degree are admitted into second year.

School fees are approximately 828€ (school fees for 2012/2013).

The CEF Procedure is compulsory for the certain international students wishing to study in France:

The programme gives applicants wishing to study in France help and advice about all the necessary administrative procedures. For more information go to

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