Public Engineering School in Computer Science


Most internships are in the following sectors:

  • Organisational IT (large companies, SMEs, banks, insurance, public services, etc.)
  • Networks and telecommunications
  • Computing and modelling for industrial production systems
  • Scientific calculation and modelling (aerospace, automotive, transport, etc.)
  • IT hardware manufacturing or IT services companies
  • Research & Development (France Telecom R&D, CNES, CEA, INRA, etc.)
  • Multimedia and web development (web design, security, etc.)

This list is by no means exhaustive and simply provides an overview of the variety of potential sectors our interns can find work placements in.

How are internships carried out in practice?

  • Second year (Bac +4) and third year students (Bac +5) are required to complete an internship, working at a company or laboratory, for a minimum period of 4-5 months and 5-6 months respectively.
  • These internships begin on the first business day in April.
  • An internship agreement is duly established between the school, the student and the employer to ensure all three parties observe their legal obligations.
  • Each student is monitored during the course of the internship by a university tutor (school professor).
  • The work carried out during the internship is validated during a viva voce (in early September) by a panel comprising the “industrial tutor” and at least two teaching staff from the school (including the “university tutor”).  In addition to the viva voce, the student must produce an internship report presenting the work carried out. If the internship is not deemed acceptable, it can be repeated.

Internships and jobs: useful link

Thanks to our partnership with Club Teli, we receive and then send out a monthly selection of opportunities overseas (internships, jobs, au pair positions, volunteering) which our students can then apply for.

If they wish, students can also pay an individual fee (about €40 a year) for access to additional services: send their CV direct to companies, reminders, editorials and personalised support.

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