Public Engineering School in Computer Science

ISIMA and Virtual Reality

Since 2013, ISIMA has pursued several avenues to develop its resources in the field of Virtual Reality:

  • expanding its teaching activities: in addition to developing learning modules at ISIMA, we have pooled all the activities offered on the Campus
  • opening a new building on 8 November 2013 where most of these teaching activities take place. This building houses all the practical classrooms reserved for virtual/augmented reality and companies working in related areas
  • developing virtual reality projects between students on different courses, between students and companies, and soon in collaboration with overseas institutions.
  • sharing scientific culture in these disciplines (Fête de la Science, press visits, national engineering day and other opportunities).

To illustrate, here is a selection of virtual reality achievements presented at the school open days in 2014 and Fête de la Science 2016.

Video featuring Sahara, SAble HAbillé par Réalité Augmentée (Augmented Reality Sandbox). The principle of an augmented reality sandbox is to produce an image which adapts to the sand’s landscape in real time.

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