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ISIMA and Virtual Reality

La réalité virtuelle à l'ISIMA

ISIMA has recently become involved in developing its research activity in the field of virtual reality:

  • Development of pedagogical activities: as well as the development of training modules within the school, we have also brought together in one place the related research carried out on the Campus.
  • A new purpose built building was inaugurated on 8 November 2013. This building is home to the specialized practical teaching rooms dedicated to virtual and augmented reality, start-ups within the domain and the Association of the Promotion of Virtual Reality (APRV).
  • Development of virtual reality projects between students from the different school on the campus, students and companies and soon with foreign research institutes.

Dissemination of scientific and technical culture in this field (Science Festival, media tours, National Engineering Day, …)


Some of the projects presented during the 2014 school open day.

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