Public Engineering School in Computer Science


ISIMA accepts sixth-form students with relevant qualifications (science and technology stream) looking to become computer engineers and offers 24 places on its two-year post-secondary foundation course, named Prép’ISIMA, affiliated with the University of Clermont Auvergne.

How to apply to Prép’ISIMA?

Visit the parcoursup portal. In the course search engine, select “Cycle Universitaire Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles” (University Foundation Programme for Grandes Ecoles) for the Auvergne region. The ISIMA foundation course will be listed.

What are the admission requirements for this foundation course?

Admission to this foundation course is decided by a special ISIMA panel who assess applications submitted by candidates (grades and transcripts of options taken in science and technology classes by students in the first and second years of sixth form). For successful candidates, final enrolment in this course is contingent on passing the Baccalauréat.

How is the foundation course delivered?

Successful candidates will take the classes in the first two years of the University of Clermont Auvergne’s Computer Science Bachelor’s degree (L1 and L2) including specific modules which will be taught by ISIMA professors.

Students in this course will be integrated, as entitled, into ISIMA (into the first year of the engineering cycle) provided they have validated, in two years and in the first sitting, both years of the Bachelor’s degree and each module in the Learning Units specific to the Prép’ISIMA foundation course.

The classes of the computer science bachelor’s degree mostly relate to computer science, mathematics and physics.

The specific modules are taught by ISIMA on its premises. Examples of these modules (subject to change):

  • Introduction to imaging (12 hrs)
  • Mathematics for engineers (12 hrs)
  • Linux development (14 hrs)
  • Careers in computing: engineers, all ISIMA alumni, present their line of work (12 hrs)
  • Modelling, resolution, programming (30 hrs)
  • Virtual reality (30 hrs)
  • Project (30 hrs)

Students in this course will receive personalised support from the ISIMA professor acting as the Prep’ISIMA foundation course manager.

Access to ISIMA associations

Students in this course will have access to ISIMA student associations and all school events.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are the same as for any university degree (cost of bachelor’s degree for the academic year 2018-1019: 170 + 90 euros) plus an additional 70 euros for the ISIMA special foundation course. Tuition fees for the particular foundation course for scholarship students amount to 0 euros.

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