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Research masters

Masters Recherche

Two research oriented Master’s degrees may interest ISIMA students who have the opportunity to enroll in a dual curriculum during their third year of school:

Research Master’s Degree in Modelling, Systems and Imaging 

This Research Master’s degree course offers four paths, particularly suitable for students ISIMA 

Models and algorithms for decision support (M2AD)

The M2AD course addresses methods and tools for decision support in their modeling aspects, analysis and resolution. The proposed modules allow the student to understand discrete or continuous operational research through complex problems, and offer different approaches (continuous and combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms) to solve them. 

Information and communication systems (CIS)

The CIS course broaches integrated information systems in general, and introduces computational methods/ tools for analysis, design and implementation of systems. Many aspects of these systems are studied, from data warehouses up to wireless networks, approached from a methodological point of view and based on concrete examples.

Imaging and Vision (IV)

The IV path offers, through its various modules, an introduction to the methods of image processing and 3D vision. The tools and methods proposed aim to allow the acquisition of the ability to elaborate a complete processing chain, from data preprocessing to quantification, using a given application case.

Production systems (SP)

The course introduces the concepts and tools allowing the analysis and processing of issues in production and logistics. Various methodological issues are discussed, from the simulation to the management and control of quality.

Admission requirements and application forms:


Research Master’s Degree in Robotics 

Research Master’s Degree in Robotics (Master Recherche Robotique)

The course of this master includes:

A theoretical semester devoted to deepening knowledge related to the student’s project:

  • 2 compulsory core courses:
    • Data modeling and robust optimization techniques
    • Business Language and Culture

Two course options to choose from:

  • Modeling and application of mechanisms, machines and robots
  • Control of mobile robotic systems
  • Complex systems sensor control
  • Multi-Sensory Perception for robotics

Two optional modules to choose from a list of final year modules from one of the three engineering schools (IFMA, ISIMA, Polytech).

A practical semester dedicated to achieving a personalized project within laboratory team.

Admission requirements and application forms:

Each year, several ISIMA students having obtained a Masters of the research, pursue their studies with a PhD in a laboratory within the Graduate School, benefiting from public or private funding (scholarships MESR Region, CNRS , FRANCE TELECOM R & D, INSERM, industrial contracts, …)

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