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University of Performance – ISIMA / Michelin

ISIMA has been developing a “University of Performance” in collaboration with Michelin since 2013. This program is aimed at its engineers and architects, focusing on the performance of computer applications and all related infrastructure (networks, servers, etc.).

The objective of the training is to raise awareness among this audience of engineers about the need to integrate the concept of performance from the very design of applications, especially to improve design and reduce costs.

During this program, several topics are covered, ranging from Front-End (website optimization, mobile clients) to Back-End (Oracle administration, servers), including tools and networking. All sessions are conducted by ISIMA’s research professors and some professional experts in the relevant applications.

The first pilot of this training took place in April at ISIMA and is expected to continue in the coming years. A certification ceremony for this training will be held on Wednesday, July 9th, at ISIMA, in the presence of the inaugural sponsor, Christian Fourot, Director of Information Systems for Michelin Europe.

Initially designed for Michelin engineers, this training program is expected to gradually expand to include participants from other major companies.

ISIMA is actively developing its partnerships with businesses, demonstrating its expertise in these areas of computer science.

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